Good Habits/Routines to Make 2020 a Great Year


Marley Skahl and Emma Parrish

Now that 2019 is gone for good, it’s time for everyone to start thinking of what they what to accomplish this new year. One month has already passed, but it’s never too late to be a better you! Some people might want to make better grades for school or be in better shape. Whatever goals you have, it is a great idea to think about positive changes you can make to create better habits, routines, and tendencies. Make 2020 happier and healthier!


  1. Waking up Early – Waking up early is an excellent start for a new day. Although it can be a struggle to push yourself out of bed, it’s a great habit to make your day last longer and get important things done. Like they always say, “The early bird gets the worm!” Not only does waking up early make you more productive during the day, it actually benefits you to go to sleep early! If you wake up at 5 a.m. and you’re productive throughout the day, you’ll be more tired by the end of the night, making it easier to sleep! This is creating a better sleep cycle. And sleep is really important to your health!

  2. Drinking A Lot of Water – Up to 60% of the average adult body is water, so it’s obvious that water is important! Replacing soda and juices for water will dramatically improve your health and greatly encourage weight loss! Also, drinking water as soon as you wake up and all throughout the day will benefit your body and health in many ways such as: boosting skin health and beauty, flushing out body wastes, helps maintain blood pressure, helps digestive system to operate properly, regulates body temperature, and so much more!

  3. Limiting Time on Electronics – Limiting yourself on the television, your phone, or computer will help maintain a productive day and achieve a happier attitude! Even setting a timer for 30 minutes while watching your favorite show will make a difference in your day and mood! Try going outside or practicing your favorite sport instead of wasting your day away on the electronics!

  4.  Cleaning your Space – Cleaning up your bedroom or any living space helps reduce anxiety and stress, and although it might feel like a huge task, it actually also helps you sleep better! And getting a good night’s rest is crucial to your happiness! However, cleaning your room doesn’t have to mean to deep clean and rearrange your room, a simple reorganization will put your mind to rest and you’ll no longer be laying awake at night!

  5. Spending Time with Your Family – Next time you can get together with everyone in your family, try suggesting that you all go to the park, or go shopping, or go out to get a treat! Simply making it a habit to display an interest in the well-being of your family members can lead to a willingness to share problems and build mutual respect between parents and children. It’s pleasing to your emotional senses to have someone to let out all your problems to, or have a shoulder to cry on. Next time you get a chance, try telling one of your family members that you love them!

  6. Exercising Daily –  Regular physical activity helps to boost your muscle strength, and is very important to your health. Not only crucial for your body but regular exercise gives you the energy you need to tackle daily chores! The benefits of exercise include: Helps control weight, reduce risk of heart disease, improve mental health and mood, helps keep your thinking and learning skills sharp as you age, and many more!

  7. Better Hygiene – Washing your face, and brushing your teeth daily are some simple routines to improve your health and hygiene! Also, most would think that showering everyday is a good hygiene routine; However, showering everyday washes away necessary oils in your skin and hair! You can probably get away with shower once every other day. If you happen to notice greasy spots in your hair, try sprinkling baby powder around the roots between shampoo days!


So, this year… bad habits and make good ones. Which way will you go?

Do you have any routines? If so, what are they?

Did you learn anything new reading these? 

Did this article inspire you to replace bad habits with healthier ones? 


Check out some fellow student’s resolutions for ideas. Emma Parrish asked a few staff members what their 2020 goals are.

Abby Henderson’s New Year Resolutions

~ Spend more time with my family

~ Get more sleep

~ Make more friends


Halie Brown’s New Year Resolutions

~ Spend more time with friends and family

~ Learn how to barrel race

~ Do better in school/get straight A’s


Kamryn Vester’s New Year Resolutions

~ Focus on my sports more

~ Hang out with my friends more

~ Try to be a better person


Colton Parrish’s New Year Resolutions

~ Improve my in golf skills

~ Go duck hunting more

~ Grow a mullet


Jessa Spears’ New Year Resolutions

~ Be more involved in certain things

~ Help people

~ Make people smile more


Makenzie’s Bandy New Year Resolutions

~ Do better in sports

~ Eat healthier

~ Spend more time with my friends and family