Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch


Karly Tirjan, Student Writer

During Christmas Break, it is a lot of fun to watch Christmas movies while you drink hot chocolate. There are many different Christmas movies out there, but I have compiled a Top 10 list of family friendly Christmas movies to watch in this Christmas!


How the Grinch Stole Christmas

This is a story about a green creature who does not like Christmas. He plans to steal Christmas from all the other “Whos” that love to celebrate Christmas. He doesn’t like all the songs and all the laughing, but by the end of the movie, something incredible happens. The first movie that was released in 1966.


Buddy the Elf was dropped off at the North Pole by accident when he was just a baby.  Santa’s elves raised him until he was an adult. Then, he decides to travel to New York to find his real dad while he is dressed in a full elf uniform. After a DNA test, Walter Hobbs is revealed to be Buddy’s real father, and Walter tries to make a relationship with Buddy.

A Christmas Carol

Ebenezer Scrooge hates Christmas. When Ebenezer gets home, he is visited by the ghost of his old business partner, Jacob Marley. Later, he gets visited by the ghost of Christmas past, Christmas present, and Christmas future. They are here to convince Scrooge to like Christmas.

Home Alone

Home Alone is about an eight year old boy who is the youngest of five children. He is often tormented by his older brothers and sisters. One day, when his family decides to go on vacation, Kevin gets in trouble and is told to go to the third floor. When morning comes, the rest of the family is rushing to get stuff packed to go get on their flight to Paris. Because they were so rushed, they forgot to wake up Kevin. The family leaves Kevin at home by himself. Kevin’s house is broken into by two men. Kevin has to come up with a plan to make sure the two men do not steal anything from his home. 

The Polar Express

A young boy sees a train stop outside of his house that says it’s going to the North Pole. The boy gets on the train. While on the train, he meets new friends. He finds out a lot about Santa while he is in the North Pole. He and his friends have a fun experience while they are on the train. They get to drink hot chocolate and they meet a nice man on the roof of the train.

The Grinch

This is a new version of How the Grinch Stole Christmas. It is about the Grinch and his dog Max. He lives inside of a cave on Mount Crumpet.  On Christmas, all the Whos decide to go bigger and brighter, so the Grinch comes up with a plan to stop it. 

The Christmas Chronicles

Brother and sister, Kate and Teddy Pierce, plan to catch Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. They end up going on a wild adventure with Santa and having the best Christmas ever. This movie definitively gives you a non-traditional perspective on Santa and Christmas.

Arthur’s Christmas

One Christmas when Santa is delivering presents to children, the unthinkable happens. Santa forgets to deliver one kid’s present. It is up to Arthur, Santa’s youngest son, to deliver the one present to the forgotten kid before Christmas morning.

Santa Claus

A man named Claus delivers toys  to children in his small village. When one day, he meets an expert toy-maker elf named Patch. Patch helps Claus fulfill his dream of becoming Santa Claus.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack the beloved pumpkin king becomes bored with the same routine of scaring people in the “real Halloween world.” He decides he wants to be in control of Christmas. He kidnaps Santa in hopes to be about to become the new Santa. 

These are my favorites, but I know there are many other great ones. What movie is your favorite Christmas movie? Comment below!