Hayley Phillips

Cancer is a horrible disease. We all know someone who has had cancer or someone who has been directly affected by it.

It happens when cells divide uncontrollably and spread into surrounding tissues. Cancer is caused by changes to DNA. Most cancer-causing DNA changes occur in sections of DNA called genes. It causes death and is heartbreaking to see someone you love go through it.

When some one you love has cancer your heart aches watching them struggle. These people fight every single day to get better. Some experience light effects of the disease and treatments, but for some, it can be so much worse.

As friends and family, it is hard to feel helpless, watching them go through something so horrible. In a sense, you feel like you’re going through it too because you are so worried about them.


 How You Can Help

If you know someone who is going through cancer, here are some things you can do to help. A great website you can start with is the Tennessee American Cancer Society. It gives you advice on things like what treatments you should consider, treatment side effects, children and cancer, understanding your diagnosis, how to cope with a loss. They also give a lot support.

Other ways you can get involved is by donating, volunteering, and starting fundraisers.

Also if you’re looking for a specific type of cancer, just go to their A-Z category. They have opportunities to learn and help with research, tips on how to stay healthy, and so much more to help fight this horrific disease.

 The steps and ways on how you can help.

  1. Go American Cancer Society click on the GET INVOLVED  category.
  2. There you see three ways. DONATE; VOLUNTEER; or FUND RAISE.

All of these titles are awesome ways you can help this greatly important cause. If you have a more specific reason for donation, there are always subtitles and other suggestions. This website also gives you options on other ways you can help. Yet whichever way you decide to help or if you use this website or another , it has great importance to the people that have cancer and their loved ones.

Help before it’s too late!


Most importantly, never ignore a sign that you or your loved ones think could be cancer. Always be aware of your body and how  you feel, eat healthy, and do yearly check ups and blood work to stay on top of your health!