What Are Your Resolutions?


Laura Bray

After every new year begins, people question “What should my new years resolution be?” Resolutions seem to sound the same every year, but as long as people are trying to be the best version of themselves, then that’s all that matters!

If you would like to make one, but you don’t know what it should be, here are 5 New Years resolutions that you should try this up coming year because it will improve your overall quality of life.

1. Stress less – In this day and time, everyone has a busy life.Everyone has too much on their mind and stress way too much. No one has time to relax.  So, as your new years resolution, you need to try to cut back on the things that stress you out and relax more than you did last year. Find things that you love to do and take time for yourself.

2. Eat healthier – As mentioned before, most of our life is in a constant rush. We usually eat on the go, and those choices are not always healthy. Slow down and take time to pick out great food choices. It can be something you do with your family! Also, you should always drink plenty of water to stay healthy.

3. Get organized – Everyone could get organized for the new year. Simply and eliminate clutter from your home, room, locker, etc. If you’re very organized, it would help you, and your life wouldn’t be as stressful. Having an organized lifestyle helps you think clearer.

4. Learn a new hobby – Learning a new hobby is really important to do because it would make you happier in life. Some hobbies that you can do is start to color more,gaming, play a sport, reading, scrap booking, photography, working on cars, etc.

5. Spend more time with family and friends – Take time out of your day to spend more time with your family and friends. Your life would be more fun and happier if you spent more time out of your room and with your family and friends.