2010 Trends: What will be the next big thing?


Kyla McKinney

2020 is here, and it so hard to believe that another decade is already over. We have had many trends over the years.Here’s some of this decade’s top trends.

2010– Silly Bandz! Silly Bandz were one of the most popular ¨fashion¨ trends in 2010. If you don´t remember these, they were colorful bracelets shaped like cool objects, animals, or people. I remember  people trading them and wearing so many at a time.

2011– In 2011, accessories with mustaches on them were in style. People (including myself) bought anything with mustaches they could find. The obsession with mustaches did not stop at shirts. People even had necklaces, bracelets,and phone cases decorated with them!

Image result for mustache items"

2012– Apparently everyone thought the world was going to end in 2012! The world was predicted to end on December 21, 2012. Everybody was freaking out worried the world might end. The rumor was OBVIOUSLY  false.

2013– Released in early 2013, Vine quickly became a popular app. Vine was a very successful app where creators could make short funny videos for their fans to watch. A lot of Vines are very well known and became popular on other social media platforms. Sadly, Vine shut down in October 2016 which meant users were no longer able to watch or create videos. Although only around for three years, Vine was highly successful and many Vines are still available to watch on YouTube.



2014– The ice bucket challenge was one of 2014’s craziest trends. You filled up a bucket of ice cold water and dumped it over your head. For everybody who did the challenge, recorded the video, and posted it on social media, so much money was donated to help spread awareness of certain diseases.


2015-Selfie sticks were incredibly popular in 2015. In case you forgot, selfie sticks were long sticks you could put your phone in and take  pictures from better angles. Selfie sticks were actually really efficient, and were a great way to capture your favorite moments with your friends!Image result for people using selfie stick"


2016– Clowns terrorizing children was for some reason a trend. These clowns, known as killer clowns, would go around in creepy clown costumes and scare little kids by doing scary things. It was a pretty scary time, especially for children.

2017-Fidget spinners were extremely popular in 2017. They were originally designed as stress relieving toys, but became popular trading toys between kids. They came in many different shapes and colors, which is what made them appealing to children.

Image result for fidget spinners"

2018-Air pods were trendy in 2018. Air pods are wireless headphones available for any Bluetooth users. Air pods are still in, but can be quite expensive. Air pods are particularly popular because people who have an iPhone 7 or newer do not have a headphone jack, so they have to plug headphones into the charging jack. This means they cannot use wire headphones while charging their phones. People buy wireless headphones so they can charge their phone at the same time, or they just think they are cool!

2019-Similar to Vine, Tik Tok (used to be called musically) launched in 2014. Musically changed to Tik Tok and became even more used than it already was in August 2018. Earlier this year, Tik Tok started getting new users. Tik Tok is a social media platform where you can make short comedy, dancing, or lip syncing videos. Tik Tok is also a great place to meet new internet friends and socialize with other people with interests similar to you!More than 50 million users use Tik Tok world wide!


Whatever the trend, the 2010’s decade is definitely one to remember! Can you predict what new trends will come about over the next 10 years?