Christmas Letters for Soldiers

Here’s an easy way to spread some Christmas joy!


Emma Parrish

The last few weeks in Ms. Eller’s rotation class, we have been working on Christmas letters to send to deployed soldiers who sadly will not be able to come home to their family for Christmas.

Ms. Eller will be taking the letters to 103.3 radio station, and then they will send the letters to deployed soldiers to make their Christmas more enjoyable and hopefully bring a smile to their faces.

If you would like to make more than one soldier´s day, you can write a second or third letter and give to Mrs. Eller by Monday or Tuesday before we leave for Thanksgiving break.

If you are not sure what to write in your letter, you might want to start it with ¨Dear one who has served ¨ or ¨Dear Hero¨ or something to that effect. All soldiers or veterans deserve to be thanked for them service and sacrifice for our country.


If you can´t get your letter to Mrs. Eller on time you can send it to the Radio Station yourself at

10 Music Cir E Nashville, TN 37203.

The station is trying to get 100,00 letters to send out to soldiers. Lets send some joy to our national heroes on duty!