How Much Sleep Do Teens Really Need?


Valerie Kirby

Some people have heard of studies that prove that if school was later, students would do better academically. Research proves teens need roughly 9¼ hours of sleep each night. Although, the average teenager only gets 7½ hours of sleep per night. Teens grow when they sleep, so they need lots of sleep for their body to grow properly. The more sleep they get, the healthier their body and mind will be. According to ,, sleep helps to fuel the mind and body.

There are many reasons why teens’ sleep schedules are being shifted or messed with.

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One reason teens don’t get enough sleep is the fact that they ingest so much caffeine everyday. Many students drink energy drinks such as Monsters, Bangs, and Red Bulls. Teens should only obtain 100 milligrams of caffeine each day, but many teens’ parents are either unaware that their teen drinks so much caffeine, or they are unaware that it can and probably will cause many health problems in their child’s future, such as heart issues. Some parents are unaware that they are putting their teen in danger by allowing them to drink so much caffeine. More and more teens are drinking coffee. This is doing the same damage, but it does contain lesser amounts of caffeine. Researchers at Harvard Medical School report that caffeine does prevent sleep.

Another reason why teens don’t get enough sleep is that teens are on their phone a lot around the time they go to bed, which can cause sleep deprivation. Research shows that being on your phone around bedtime can cause you to have trouble sleeping. Another study shows that if you are on electronics in your bed your brain doesn’t process that you must go to bed, it is used to being on electronics, so it will be difficult to go to sleep.

Some issues that teens have at home or in school, can cause sleep deprivation because they stay up all night worrying about it. They should avoid this issue by talking to their parents or possibly even a therapist if it is too uncontrollable.


Do you agree with this? How much sleep do you get on  average? Does it affect your day?