Behind the Scenes of Newspaper Staff


Hayley Phillips

Do you ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes of this website? Some may think this is a pretty quick and easy job, but I want to give you an quick glimpse into the daily life of a newspaper staff member.

During RTI every day, our hardworking newspaper staff works with yearbook to bring you interesting reading material, updates, and information. It’s definitely not an easy task because it takes a lot of time and effort to make an article. It’s not something that takes 45 minutes to accomplish. It can take a whole week to perfect!

Before you submit an article, you first have to come up with your own idea and have it approved by the adviser or an editor. Not only do you have to write the material, but you also have to assign the category and find pictures for your post. After you do that, your post is submitted to be proofread, and from there, you may have to change some things. When you’re done with all those steps, you have finally created an article and have become a MCJH Tiger Talk published author!

If you think you might be interested in becoming a staff member next year, there are some things you should know first. You can be a staff writer who contributes to all categories, or you can be an editor of a category. Don’t get me wrong, being a staff member is awesome, but if you like to be somewhat of a boss or in control of stuff, you can become an editor and be in charge of certain categories. You can write for this category, assign topics, approve or disapprove topics for your category, and best of all, you can contribute wherever you’re needed. You’re not just limited to that one section!

Also you need to be a little creative. Some people love writing because they get prompts and stories to tell them what to write; however, your writing comes from your own mind in newspaper. Of course, you can look up inspiration or use references, but for the most part, you’re free to use your own mind!

Secondly, you have to be comfortable with socializing and taking pictures of people you do not know. Our adviser gives us the creative freedom to write what we want and use a camera to use in a article, but with that comes responsibility. We have to get out there and talk to people to get the material we need.

The staff also joins together to co-write articles. When great ideas come together, it makes for an awesome article.

Although every one has different jobs, every single member contributes to make this wonderful website what it is. Even though this is the first year of newspaper at MCJH, they make it seem like this has been a thing they have been doing this for years.

There is one thing you should know if you want to try out next year, its not guarantee that you will be a staff member after applying. Something that can really boost your chances is submitting your own articles to the website before even becoming a staff member. This shows that you are dedicated to the job, and you will also have a chance to show off your writing talents!

Our staff members include: Abby Henderson, Emma Parrish, Maddox Crowder, Coltin Jenkins, Valerie Kirby, Kyla McKinney, Vivien Likens, Nolan Kelley, Diamond Nunez, Laura Bray, Marley Skahl, Hayley Phillips, Deysy Matias- Garcia, and Colton Parrish.


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Teamwork makes the dream work!