All About Waterfowl Hunting


Colton Parrish

The duck season in Tennessee is reopened for Dec. 5 through Jan. 31, 2020. This is one of my favorite things to do with my family. If you are interested in learning about waterfowl hunting, then here is some information for you to help you get started!


What You Need

Duck Hunting is super fun. When you go duck hunting, you have to wake up really early, and it is very cold but it pays off in the end. What you have to wear depends on what kind of conditions you hunt in. If you hunt in a fence row you don’t have to wear waders, you can wear just pants and a pair of boots. But, when you hunt in flooded areas like a rice field, timber, or the pit. You also need duck decoys while hunting.

What They Are

Waders are water proof, flexible, and pretty comfortable they come up to your chest and you can also wear them in the timber. The timber is flooded woods and there in a lot of trees fallen over and sometimes you have to jump them with your boat. When you are duck hunting you have to have a certain boat. Some boats are modified for duck hunting, and another kind of boat is called a Jon boat. You also have to have a certain motor to go to certain places when you are duck hunting. The different kinds of motors are a mud motor, a mud motor is the better of the two different kinds of motors the other kind is just a normal boat. The shells you need for goose hunting are called T loads. While you are duck hunting you need to only hunt with steel waterfowl loads.


Your Daily Limit

When you are duck hunting you can only shoot six ducks a day. If you are goose hunting which is similar to duck hunting, you can shoot two geese a day per person.  Why you have a limit is because you don´t need to deplete the species population. If there were no more ducks, you would not have any to shoot.

What You Can Make With It

If you have duck meat and you are hungry, you can make stuffed jalapenos. You can also make hibachi with duck and rice.


The Different Brands of Clothing

The different brands of clothing are Banded, Drake, Redhead, and Lacrosse.

Here is Nurse Tina, my mom, with our dog, Saige, after duck hunting.