How To Make Money as a Pre-Teen


Deysy Matias-Garcia, Writer

Option 1:  You could babysit kids if you know how to take care of them and like spending time with them. If you have family or friends to use as references, ask them to put in a good word for you if they have friends looking for babysitters. This would be a great job for those of you with younger siblings because I’m sure you have plenty of experience.

Option 2:  Organize a yard sale. You can sell your old and unnecessary items. Your parents may even be nice enough to add in a few items of their own to help you out. These days, you can even do online yard sales through social media. A lot of people sell items that way.

Option 3:  Another way to earn money is to walk a dog. This helps you and the dog get some exercise. A lot of sweet animals are kept tied up or in pens, so I’m sure many owners would appreciate some extra time and attention for their fur babies.

Option 4:  Try recycling things. Recycling is a good way to earn money, and it also helps clean the environment. You can recycle aluminum cans and scrap metal to earn some quick cash.

Option 5: You can mow lawns. If you have nothing to do in the summer, try cutting people’s grass. Many homeowners do not have the time to mow their lawns, so hiring someone like you is at the top of their summer to do list!

What other ideas do you have to share? How do you earn your extra cash? Comment below with your ideas!