Overcrowding and Rushed Lunches Causing Issues for Students


Josie Newman, Student Writer

I think the school should do something about lunch time in the cafeteria. We only have a little bit of time to eat lunch, the seating arrangements are horrible, and the lines are so crowded. 


I think that the school should do more about the seating arrangements. The other day I got my tray, and there was nowhere to sit. I had to sit at the back table away from my class, and I almost missed my class leaving. There was also no one to talk to. Lunch is about having a break from all that work we do during the day, but if there is no one to talk to, it gets lonely. We are not allowed to socialize all day except in between classes, but we can’t even then because we are so rushed.


We only have about twenty-five minutes to eat. Lunch is not only about eating though, it’s also about having a break from working all day. We are rushed all day long trying to get to our classes on time. We should not have to be rushed eating. If we are, that could cause kids to choke. Yes, we are going to talk which takes up time, but if we have a longer break, kids would probably have better grades too because they would have time to de-stress. Some seventh graders are walking down the halls eating after lunch! I understand that we have a busy schedule; I just think we should try to have a little more time.


The lines in this school are so crowded! I know its hard trying to make sure we all get lunch, but we need to do something about the lines. My friend got knocked over trying to get a tray! I think they should only have a limited amount of people back there at once. 


I just want to make the cafeteria safer and easier for everyone. The seating arrangement is horrible, the timing is off, and the lines are always backed up. My fellow peers agree. I think MCJH can improve the lunch system way better than what it is now.



Editor’s Note: We agree with you, Josie! We would all love some extra room and extra time. With the influx of students enrolling at MCJH each year, the school is in definite need of some expansion. Luckily, there is a plan in place for that in the near future!